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At the Cambria Regional Chamber of Commerce we are committed to helping you grow your business. We take pride in making sure that our members not only become more successful, but also become more connected with the businesses and community that surrounds them.

To ensure that success, we have developed three key priorities to create the environment that will make your business successful.


At Cambria Regional Chamber we support the work of our members, and as a result we look for any opportunity to advocate on behalf of our members and our community.  We work hard to learn the issues affecting our region and the initiatives that are important to our area, then use that information to create change.

Listening to their concerns and making sure those concerns are relayed to those in charge.

  • Promote all of our members to the local residents
  • Create Business Opportunities for our members by recommending their products and services to other members
  • Work closely with local law-makers to ensure the interests of our members are represented


At the chamber we have gained a vast understanding of the important role that continuous education plays in the work environment.

To ensure that our members continually grow their knowledge and understanding of the business environment, we:

  • Offer a multitude of seminars free to our members through the Education Series
  • Provide online content that pertains to changing business environment topics
  • Offer training to Non-Profit organizations through The Bosler Academy
  • Train our future leaders through the John B. Gunter Leadership Initiative
  • Offer a vast array of workshops and seminars at a discounted rate through our ExCEL program
  • Continually look for opportunities to partner with other organizations who can offer training to our members.


“It’s all about who you know”. At Cambria Regional Chamber, we want to make sure that you know the right people! Our Chamber of Commerce is constantly providing opportunities, to bring professionals together to learn from one another’s experiences and create long-lasting relationships. Not only do our events help our members stay informed and up to date on community and regional matters, but they also serve as a platform to network with other leaders in the area.

At our events you will connect with other professionals who will offer necessary products and services for your business, increase the reputation and presence of your business, and make long lasting relationships that will benefit your business.

  • Hosting Chamber Connects Events
  • Providing networking opportunities after every event
  • Offering referrals to individuals and organizations that can enhance your business
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